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Poplar Plywood

MADETOSA manufactures sanding poplar plywood cutted to a different sizes, always according to the needs of our customer.
Madetosa plywood comes from sustainably managed poplar (due diligence), resulting in a quality product according to industry standards.
Our customers normally use the board in the food industry (fruits packaging, vegetables, seafood and other foods) and in industry (furniture, DIY and packaging).

Technical details

Dimensions Max 1200 x 1200 mm
Other dimensions on request

Thicknesses From 3 mm to 12 mm

Density Between 420 and 450 kg/m³

Surface finish Sanding on 1 side
Sanding on 2 side

Plywood qualities:

B: White with small knots and smooth color variations.
B Quality

BB: Supports changes of stronger color and black small knots not skipped.
BB Quality
C: Supports strong variation of dark color, black knots and some manufacturing defect, taking care that it does not affect the strength of the board.
C Quality