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Maderas y Tableros del Oja S.A. (MADETOSA)

MADETOSA is a family business, founded in 1986, with extensive experience in the field of wood. It is located in Casalarreina (La Rioja, Spain). It goes back to the "Maderas la Calzada SA" business, that have coexisted since 1978, in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja, Spain).

The main activity is the manufacture of poplar plywood, sanded and cut to order, which is used mainly for packaging, furniture and DIY. The poplar used comes only from Spanish plantations, being respectful to the environment recycling and recovering materials. Sells wholesale. Its market is national, EU and non-EU.

Apart from the production of plywood, MADETOSA is specialized in afforestation of land with poplar clones, based on the various technical aspects of suitability of land (climate, altitude, soil, irrigation, etc.), with an average volume of 4,500 trees per year (about 11.25 hectares).

We are backed up by experience and work well done, high quality products make us be recognized and valued in the sector. From MADETOSA we put all our passion and our best perseverance in providing our services.

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